Жилое здание

ул. 20 лет РККА, 300

Trade and exhibition equipment, Bar, restaurant and cafe equipment, Storage and display equipment, Refrigiration machinery, Tea and coffee, Сoffee machine trading and renting, Metal frame furniture, Food production equipment, Weighing instruments, Houseware
Protective clothing and personal safety equipmet, Hosiery, Knitwear, Home textiles, bedding, specialfootwear
Electrical heating devices, Boiler equipment and boilers, Air conditioners, Heating and water supply systems, Heat Ventilation equipment
Furniture for school and pre-school facilities, Sport equipment, Gaming equipment, Toys, Cleaning equipment
1378030387, 1378028493, 1378118717, 1378121914, 1378069706, 1378083573, 1378063993, 1378124059