Жилое здание

ул. Панфилова, 12

Automotive glass, Car batteries, Automobile chemical goods and oil, Motor spares for domestic manufactured cars, Spare parts for trucks
Building materials, Air cleaners and ionizers, Ceramic tiles, Salt, Finishing materials shops, Interior decorative elements
Lighting, Lamps, Outdoor advertising materials, Electrical installation work, Electrotechnical goods, Cable, Wire
Bench-work and assembly tool, Car service equipment, Welding equipment, Car accessories, Pneumatic and compressor equipment
Building of detached houses/summer houses, Installation of heating and water supply systems, Roofing works, Facade works
1378127650, 1378017132, 1378067998, 1378131921, 1378129273, 1378156700, 1378151834, 1378144654, 1378146225, 1378106410